Temporary Working Group MOFs

Temporary Working Group MOFs

pto network topology (extended design)
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pto network topology (extended design)

As part of the project the working group MOF (TAK MOF) of the professional association ProcessNet (DECHEMA) has been already initialized as a joint platform for national MOF-R&D. Therefore the most important task of the TAK MOF is to support the information and knowledge exchange between universities, research institutes and industry to develop the high potential and the application fields of MOF materials for a broad user community.

To catalyze such developments TAK MOF organizes special workshops and information days (themed issues) and acts as an exchange platform for experts.


  • to support partner development and information exchange between industry, university and research institutes
  • identification of R&D targets by communication with industrial partners
  • formation of a communication platform
  • information and qualification, further education
  • networking
  • intermediary for experts
  • funding recommendations